Can counselling help you ?

There are times for everyone when life becomes unbalanced. Each day seems harder to cope with and the joy of life slowly disappears. If you are feeling like this right now, or are just uncertain about events that are happening in your life then counselling can help you.

At any time in life people can suffer from poor mental health issues or emotional unrest. Some mask their discomfort and find ways to compensate until they recover. For others the symptoms can become too severe or last a very long time. Here anxiety and depression can worsen and become increasingly overwhelming. Unable to get any respite or to reach a satisfactory resolution people can feel very alone.

If you recognise your situation here, then just by sharing the unsettling aspects of your life with someone outside of your normal circle of family and friends will be a relief. More than this, support from a professional counsellor – someone who is trained to listen – will provide a pathway for you through what seem like huge life obstacles. Committing to counselling can be the important first step you take to help restoreĀ  balance and harmony to your world.

Potential benefits of counselling for you

  • New insights can lead to behaviour changes as you recognise what are unhelpful behaviours and thoughts in your life.
  • You benefit from a growing sense of unburdening as you begin to get things off your chest.
  • Exploring life options with your counsellor can reveal new coping mechanisms and better ways to deal with things.
  • Trusting and being open with your therapist helps you develop the ability to communicate better with others in your life.
  • Talking about your real experiences with someone who values and accepts you as you are can lead to a greater self acceptance and a more positive perspective about yourself.

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